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Information is power when it comes to any consumer and none more so than at a time like now when everyone is needing a well-designed office chair in a hurry. Ergonomic chairs are an essential buy in order to maintain good body posture during the day; this can prevent a myriad of health issues and sore muscles after a long day at your desk.

Let’s take a look at the types of office chairs available as well as some tips on how to choose the right one for you.


What types of office chairs can you find?


Many people, when asked this question would most likely think there aren’t that many options to choose from. Excitingly though, there actually are. The trick is to find the chair that is designed for your kind of workspace, for the length of time you’ll be sitting on it and then, most importantly, a chair that is well designed ergonomically. Here are the most common types of seating options for offices;


Office Chairs

Office chairs are specifically designed for sitting at a desk while working. Most office chairs are designed with a comfortable, plush seat, ergonomically-designed armrests, and a supportive backrest too. You ideally want to select an office chair that feels good to sit on and one that supports your spine in the most comfortable way.

For the best in ergonomics, you ideally want to select an office chair that is on wheels too. Some people prefer chairs without wheels, but the specialists do advise chairs with wheels to allow for maximum mobility and ease of movement.

Office chairs are designed to carry weight and be sat on for quite a few hours. They are designed to be comfortable and supportive to a person working at their desk for eight hours a day.


Conference & Meeting Chairs

These types of chairs are usually bought by companies and organisations in order to sit around a boardroom table, hot desking units, in meeting rooms, or in break-out rooms. They are often fun and colourful in design and are created for comfort as well as functionality. Conference or meeting chairs are not suited for sitting in for extended periods of time like office chairs but are still designed with good ergonomics in mind.

They should comfortable and supportive too. They can be made with or without wheels depending on their design and function too.


Multipurpose Seating

In this era of “faster is better” there is a lot more need for furniture and seating options that are both versatile and functional. Multipurpose seating like moveable buddy chairs, ottomans, or work pods are the way in which a lot of companies are going in terms of their selection of furniture. More and more employees are working remotely, they pop in and out of the office for short periods of time and therefore there is more of a need for furniture that is easy to reconfigure and playful.  Chairs in the forms of benches, pods, moveable seating and sit or stand solutions can be found in most good chair company catalogues these days.


How to choose an office chair?

There are a few tips to choosing the perfect chair;

Tip #1 – The What

Understand clearly what you need your chair for. Is it to sit at a desk while you work at a computer for eight hours? Or is it a chair to simply sit for maximum an hour while you conduct a Zoom meeting while the rest of the time you spend in your car visiting clients?

Tip #2 – Budget

Having a budget is a very good place to start when choosing an office chair. Have you researched what you require in a chair and what the average price would be? Cheaper is definitely not better when it comes to choosing a chair that could impact your health, so make sure you understand the value you want in the chair you need. 

Tip #3 – Test Drive

Wherever possible, we advise always sitting in a chair and actually feeling how it feels. How does the cushioning feel under your bum? Is it adjustable to where you need it to go? Does it fit under my desk well and is it easy to maneuver?

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